Have you ever wondered why some people are so successful why others aren’t or what the top 2% of the population knows that others don’t? What is the difference that makes the difference?

This workshop is designed to show you how the mind works to create success, the connection between our mind, physical and emotional state and our inner story and how to use this knowledge to create more success in your life.

Workshop Outcomes:

  • Learn how the mind works to create new habits
  • Explore the principles of neuroplasticity, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and life coaching
  • How limiting beliefs and your inner story may be holding you back
  • Identify your own self-sabotaging behaviours that keep you from achieving your highest potential
  • How to create a peak state for performance
  • How to improve your inner dialogue to get what you want
  • How to put together a powerful action plan to get you to purpose
  • How to develop lasting behaviours and skills to improve personal productivity and success

The 7 Strategies for Success is a model that has been designed for you to use in any situation that you want to change or improve.  Once you have mastered this model you will be able to apply it to areas of your life where you want to create more success or change.

It is based on the principles of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and modelling of strategies and behaviours that have had proven success for others.  By modelling these patterns and behaviours yourself you can have similar results.

It looks at how your mindset affects your state and consequently manifests in your behaviours and outcomes.  To change those outcomes, you need to change your mindset, dialogue, state, strategies and behaviours that you are currently using to get different results.

This model that has been designed for you to use in any situation that you want to change or improve whether you want to create financial freedom, develop a healthier lifestyle or get ahead.


$197 per person or book with a friend for $175. Use PROMOTIONAL CODE: FRIEND if you are attending with a friend. Click on Get Tickets below.


This workshop is packed with real value for you to work with immediately. However, if you are not 100% satisfied then I will give you back 100% of your money, no questions asked.

Next Workshop:

Date: 4 September 2018

Venue: Vivacious Living Centre, 9/9a Risely Square, Perth

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